Hassle free personalised numbers direct to you.

If your business requires international toll free numbers - no matter where they are located - Luminis can provide the numbers and countries you need.

International toll free numbers allow you to personally and cost-effectively connect with customers in countries where you don't have a physical presence.


Effective Call Centre solutions that make it easier for your staff.

We provide hosted call center solutions which are built on open-source technology and provide the same features and functionality as proprietary call center platforms but at a fraction of the cost.

Virtual call center products are scalable to meet the changing needs of your business. You can quickly and cost-effectively add new users to the system and increase their productivity by providing easy access to all features and capabilities.


Any domain name or domain extension.

We can offer quick and effecient domain registration services for almost any country domain in the world. In addition, we can provide anonymous registrant details so that your company details are not exposed to the world.

We can provide protection from domain seizures as we have presences in several countries and can quickly moves domains between countries. Full DNS management is included as well as domain expiry protection.